Antique Heart Silver Lanyard

# LAN-005
Beaded Lanyards from TheTeacherGift
Antique Heart Silver Lanyard - You have a big heart. And this sparkling lanyard lets you show it. It features a Small Silver Antiqued Heart accented with dazzling silver-colored beads. Our Beaded Lanyards are original designs of trendy Beaded Lanyards, ID Badge Holder, ID Necklaces, Eyeglass Holder Necklaces and fashionable beaded Lanyards, Name Badge Holders and ID Holder jewelry! We create top quality Lanyards Beaded Necklaces and beaded lanyard jewelry at low prices with fast shipping. Our huge beaded lanyard collection and ID badge holder fashion accessories are perfect for Nurses, Teachers, and Women in Corporate America.
Price: $17.95
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