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Beaded Lanyards - Red, White & Blue Beads - LAN-029 Patriotic Beaded Lanyard - Red, White & Blue Beads...Patriotic Beaded Lanyards with Red, White & Blue Beads are special at a time of crisis showing patriotism on Veteran`s Day, July 4th, Flag Day or the Presidential Election 2008 or whatever the day. You`ll be a patriot standing up for freedom wearing the Stars & Stripes colors. These wardrobe accessories are sure to compliment your patriotism & show your support for men and women who have served our country. Patriotic Beaded Lanyards are a favorite for WW11 Vets, Korean War Vets, Vietnam War Vets, Afghanistan War Vets, Iraq War Vets and their families, friends and public supporters. Wearing these patriotic Beaded Lanyards honor VFW Men, VFW Auxiliary Ladies, American Legion Men, American Legion Auxiliary Ladies and others who serve. Thank You For Your Patriotism. This beautiful handcrafted Beaded Lanyard features the following top-quality materials: Red, White & Royal Blue acrylic Beads. White and Silver Seed Beads. A beautiful silver tone drop clip complements this piece perfectly. This longer length of lanyard to make it easier to reach ID scanning devices, to go over clothing collars more easily Size: 34 inch
Price: $22.95
List Price: $22.95
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